The Free Clinic of Angels and Malaria Control Center

                                               June and July 2012

Fifteen amputees in the cloud forests of Honduras received prosthetic legs and now walk because of the ingenuity of a group of High school students from Calera Alabama. These students, with the help of their teacher Brian Copes and Dr. Adam Williams built and designed these low cost prosthetic legs. The lowest cost for a prothetic leg in the US is around $3,000 with the more expensive legs costing as much as $60,000. Using recycled crutches, the Calera students were able to make a prosthetic leg for only $200.00. They did not stop there.

A trip was planned to visit an underdeveloped

county to fit the legs and donate them to

disadvantaged amputees.

In Honduras these students worked with Projecto Honduras which supports a free medical clinic. This clinic, the “Clinic of Angels” is located in the remote cloud forests of Honduras, a very impoverished area. Over fifty amputees showed up to have legs fitted. After the legs were fitted, therapists were there to teach and train the recipients to walk with their new legs. With only fifteen prosthetic legs, many amputees were turned away with hopes that the students would return again with more legs in the future.

One has to wonder “Do these students comprehend the long term effect of their gift to these amputees and how they have changed their lives?”

This little guy is exercising his good leg with the hopes of getting a prosthetic leg next year.

Finally walking after years of crutches, this enthusiastic recipient hiked a mountain on his new prosthetic leg two days later.

Calera students, their teacher Brian Copes, and Dr. Adam Williams were surprised at the number of amputees found in the cloud forests. We had to turn away more than we had legs for.