August 2012

Students from Calera High School, Calera, Alabama, successfully built two basic utility vehicles (BUV”S) with the intention of donating them to an impoverished area of an underdeveloped country. Going above and beyond what is expected, these students spent thousand of hours after school learning the skills required to build these BUV’s. Brian Copes, National Teacher of the Year Nominee, is the inspiring teacher who guided the students and brought this vision into a reality.

Projecto Honduras and the Clinic of Angels were the grateful recipients of these vehicles.

The first BUV was brought to Honduras unassembled. The Calera students reassembled it at the Clinic of Angels in Honduras with the help of some Honduran students who were eager to learn. It will be used by the Clinic of Angels to access the forgotten villages in the cloud forests of Honduras providing the medicine, medical supplies and food needed to save lives.

The second BUV is equipped with a water well drill and a small plow. The water well drill is critical in providing access to water to many small villages who’s inhabitants have to walk long distances for daily water. The plow will be used and shared amongst several villages, more especially for the elderly or disabled, to help them continue to grow food for their families.



Calera students are plowing a field to demonstrate the ability of the plow.

Calera students are drilling their first well with the drill attached the BUV they created.

Calera students teaching and working along side

Honduras students.